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Teams all across the WORLD and in EVERY STATE in the
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    My name is Barry Lovelace and first I must say how it has been such an honor to be a
    part of the volleyball world the past 3 years. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the
    volleyball training that started with two high school girls just 9 years ago would turn
    into a phenomenon that is being used by tens of thousands of athletes all over the
    world. So very, very humbling.

    The information you will find here is 100% accurate and real. The testimonials come in
    daily and I only share with you for one reason and one reason only: to show that you
    and your team can do the same.

    These are real coaches and athletes who are ecstatic with the results they have
    achieved. All I can tell you with 100% confidence and certainty is that it is impossible
    not to achieve the results you see here. There are only two reasons why an athlete or
    coach would not reap the benefits of this style of training.

    Those two reasons are:
    1) They are not doing the workouts
    2) They are not doing them correctly and as described in the videos and workbooks.

    Give you and your team the chance to prosper by implementing these workouts as part
    of your training and you too will benefit greatly. The Bonus: Your athletes will LOVE it!

    Thanks in advance for your time and keep reading on how these programs WILL change
    your game.

                                                                                               In good health,

                                                                                             Barry Lovelace

             Volleyball Training Program for EVERYONE!

    Training for Volleyball & Volleyball Team Training are designed for the individual
    athlete or an entire team. The circuit training in each program can be performed on
    the court, in a health club or in your garage. There is very little room needed to
    perform these workouts and very little equipment needed.

    Each volleyball training & conditioning program here is designed to drastically
    change your overall athletic ability. Changes in vertical jump, core strength,
    POWER, quickness & reaction, cardiovascular and muscle endurance as well as the
    'look' of athletes can be expected very quickly.

    How? Each and every exercise is designed with a 'purposeful meaning'. Exercises
    are not thrown together here just for kicks and giggles. With every movement and
    every exercise you WILL challenge your core, you WILL recruit and stabilize
    muscles throughout your entire body, you WILL work on cardiovascular endurance
    and you WILL see results!


                                      Train ON Your Court!

    As a volleyball coach or player did you ever think it was possible to train on the
    volleyball court, DURING THE SEASON, with very little to no equipment and achieve
    QUICK results that will have your opponents wondering just what the heck you are

                     Well, it can happen and the time is NOW!

    Train your entire team, ON THE COURT, with these well designed and purposeful
    circuit training workouts. All the work is done for you. Simply implement and watch
    your team EXPLODE!



                         Coaches & Athletes just like YOU
                          have jumped on this training!

    See what they have to say:



    I absolutely love your video. Your training video gave us
    additional circuits that we implemented this spring and will
    continue to use this summer. The training has had a direct impact
    on what we have accomplished:

      2007 2nd place finish in the conference and 22-5 record
    2008 Conference Champions and 1st NAIA National Tournament
    in school history (13th place finish).  

                           Take care,
                       Jhett Albers
    Director of Athletics,Head Volleyball Coach,    
    Black Hills State University

       NOW it’s YOUR turn to drastically change your overall  
                               athletic performance!

         NOW is the time to DOMINATE the court!   

    Join the following coaches and teams in their quest to become THE BEST!

    Black Hills University:
    07’ – 2nd Place Conference / 22-5 record
    08’ – Conference CHAMPIONS & First NAIA Nat’l Tournament in School History

    Heritage Christian Academy, Kentucky:
    09’  - Kentucky Christian Athletic Assoc STATE CHAMPIONS

    Enterprise Prep High School, Alabama
    08’ – 09’ Alabama Independent School Assoc. State Champions
    09’ – NATIONAL Champions – Nat’l. Assoc. of Christian Athletes Division 3
    08’-09’ – Nat'l Private School Athletic Association Division 5 National Champions

    Southington High School, Southington, CT
    09’ – State Champions “LL´ State of Connecticut Volleyball Championship.
    First time in school history.

    Pennsylvania Boys Volleyball State Championships
    3 out of 16 teams in the Championships used the Training for Volleyball and
    Volleyball Team Training programs.

                                     Just to name a few!


                  5'7" PLAYER LEADS HER COLLEGE TEAM
                       IN BLOCKS AS A FRESHMAN!

    Kelsey performed the EXACT EXERCISES in Training for Volleyball and
    increased her vertical jump 4" after just 5 SESSIONS!
    *NOTE: Kelsey DID NOT use the Training for Volleyball DVD, she was one of my two clients who I trained that
    saw dramatic results with the training. The workouts they did to achieve the results would later on become,
    Training for Volleyball.

    She went on to start for her Division Two college team as a freshman and lead
    her team in overall blocks! Remember....SHE IS ONLY 5'7"!


AVERAGE of 4-1/2" increase after just 5 practices!

    I have recently purchased your volleyball training video. WE LOVE IT!!! I went through the video several
    times myself and then last week my team and I started with your training techniques. At the beginning,
    before any training we measured our standing-jump height, then after 3 and then again after 5 sessions
    we measured again. They continue to increase in jump height!!!!!!  Our average increase has been about
    4 1/2 inches.  One girl increased 9 INCHES!!!!! I have two teams going through this. I am a coach at a very
    small private Christian school. In the past our sporting program has been very weak.  But, the JV and
    Varsity volleyball teams are excited and they are having a blast as they are increasing their strength and
    balance. I just want to say thank you for offering such a wonderful program at such a reasonable price. It
    definitely has had DRAMATIC results in a very short time!!!                                                        
                                                                                           Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Ronda Inman
    Sidney, Ohio


       If you are not using these programs that only require
        a few minutes a day to change your win/loss record
                and be the most PHYSICAL and DOMINANT
                          player and team on the court…


                           STOP MISSING OUT……

                             THE VOLLEYBALL WORLD!

    You completely changed the way I get players ready physically. Our girls were
    stronger because of what you shared with us in strengthening the core. We
    have been blessed beyond measure thanks in large to you and your Program.”

    Roscoe Kahumoku
    Enterprise Prep High School, Alabama

    Hi Barry,

    I just wanted to give your training program a little plug. Last year when my daughter
    Bre was a junior I purchased your Training for Volleyball program.  Bre worked
    through the program religiously. She had a great year and was named ‘first team all
    This year I purchased your Volleyball Team Training program. We added some of
    the exercises from that DVD to what we were already doing.This year Bre's high
    school team won the state title in class A. Bre was named Co MVP in the tourney.
    Now she only stands 5' 7 inches.  She dominated most of the taller kids that
    she played against.     

    I just wanted to let you know that your program works and that Bre will be playing in
    college and she plans to continue to use your program.

    Bill Kochinsky
    Since we spoke a couple of weeks ago we won the "LL" State of Connecticut Volleyball
    Championship. FIRST time in school history!

    And I am glad to say that your training program has been incorporated
    into our pre-practice routine the past two years. One of the comments
    that we received over and over is the strength of out servers and the
    strength of our blocking.

    Thank You again,
    RIch Heitz
    Southington High School, CT

    Training for Volleyball:

    Training for Volleyball is a DVD consisting of the EXACT same exercises and workouts
    used by a 5'7" college freshmen who increased her vertical 4-1/2" after 5
    sessions and went on to start for her college (D2) team as a MIDDLE BLOCKER
    and lead the team in TOTAL BLOCKS! This STEP BY STEP volleyball training video is
    explained in detail. You are given higher levels of intensity for each exercise as well.
    You will receive a workbook that explains the equipment needed for all levels of
    athletes (bands, balls, yoga mat etc) as well as several different workouts to
    perform. You can choose from Individual, Team or Group  training and start
    implementing immediately.

    Volleyball Team Training w/Volleyball Coaching Cards:

    Volleyball Team Training is a volleyball training and Core Conditioning/Circuit Training
    DVD that is used by NATIONAL AND STATE CHAMPIONS! This 2-Hour, STEP BY
    STEP recorded clinic covers many different exercises that produce maximum results
    in minimum time. Barry goes from station to station and shows you EXACTLY how to
    perform each exercise along with progressions. You will see exactly how the program
    should look. Coaches and athletes are working out, having fun and feeling the
    movements as Barry instructs. You will feel as if you are in attendance!
    You receive the exact same workbook that the attendees received to take notes as
    well as workout recommendations and equipment needed.

    Volleyball Coaching Cards!

    Volleyball Coaching Cards are designed to make your life EASY when it comes to
    preparing your workouts. Prepare workouts ahead of time in LESS THAN 60 SECONDS!
    No more worrying about what you are going to do for your next training session! You
    can plan one day in advance or an entire week of training in no time flat..WITHOUT
    Volleyball Coaching Cards are like having a personal trainer with you at every station
    for every practice. Each Coaching Card comes with  pictures, instructions on how to
    perform the exercise, which equipment to use, progressions and which circuit it came
    from in the Volleyball Team Training video. It is really that simple!

                             NOW....let's get started!

                       You get ALL of this...

     2 DVD's PLUS the Volleyball Coaching cards for
ONLY $33!

                              That's it!

        -Receive THE workout that helped a 5'7" college   
        Freshman to lead her team in total blocks
        -Receive the EXACT SAME training programs
        and State Champions
are using...
        -PLUS the Coaching Cards to
make your life as a
          coach or athlete much easier

          Get your DVD'S NOW

          * DVD's are shipped within 24-72 hours - ONLY $2.00 FOR SHIPPING & HANDLING
            * A link to the Coaching Cards and workbooks is in the inside cover of the
               DVD case.

                             copyright b&l fitness, inc. 2007
    Barry Lovelace, known internationally as ‘The King of Core’, is a member of Team Men’s
    Fitness, appeared in Men's Health, gym owner, fitness professional specializing in athletic
    performance, creator of several athlete training products and expert author. Barry travels the
    country working with athletes and coaches teaching them how to implement his core
    conditioning and training programs into their training.